Your mobile app for genuine customer relationships

Build a unique connection with your customers and increase sales. Provide an inside track to your services without on hold music or absurd chatbots. Discover new customers and refer services.

Genuine human interaction

Network. Communicate. Serve. Build trust through interaction.

Your customer wants service from someone familiar, someone they trust. With Bonday, you can create a lasting connection that you can nurture together.

Trust is built not only through good service but also through referrals by discovering new services. Even a small business can build a fertile foundation with Bonday.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a customer, you never want to let the good ones get away.

Exchange contacts

Transparent and confidential

Engage and reward

Create networks and partnerships

Take advantage of mini apps

Refer and be referred

A huge boost to both small and large operators 

Bring a personal touch to your service whether you’re a busy entrepreneur, a new freelancer or a hustling serial entrepreneur!

For entrepreneurs

Hairdressers, realtors, personal trainers – you name it! Our customers use many different services.

For serial entrepreneurs

Got several business cards for your various businesses? Your contacts can see all you can offer with a quick glimpse!

For local entrepreneurs

Known by locals, but unknown to visitors? Referrals bring you earned visibility, and you can keep in touch with ease.

Three steps to winning customer trust


Create a free login

Complete your profile and services. Add discount coupons or other discount promotions, such as a sharing bonus. Prepare business cards to share the right profile and service in each situation.


Invite your customers, reward them right away

Invite customers to your inner circle by flashing your QR business card, or send an invite through email, Bluetooth, a message... Throw in a welcome bonus. The customer has never enjoyed a more direct connection with their favorite service!


Serve customers right away

No extended waiting required for the customer to connect with you. When called upon, you must always be ready to serve. One message thread is all you need for handling reservations, bookings, orders, deals, or agreements.

Bonday is many things. Build your Bonday now!


Decide the details you want to share with your contacts. Customize your cards for various situations, such as work and leisure. Add introductory offers, benefits, or gifts to your card.


Describe what you can offer. Provide an inside track to your services. Create benefit programs, coupons, and promotional offers. Target everyone or loyalty program members only.

Mini apps

Add all you need for serving your customers with one click: booking, fees, documents, signatures, IM, project management, and CRM.


Communicate directly with customers or groups. Free slots in your calendar? Engage with targeted offers! Manage everything through chat, including reservations and sales. Collect feedback and referrals automatically.

Experience the power of personal service

Without the right tools, communicating with customers can be an ordeal. See how our mini apps work below!

Jane Doe14:45

Hi! Could I get my eyebrows tinted and shaped by the weekend?

Tracy Jones14:44

Plenty of free slots for this week. Pick one below!

Tracy Jones14:48

Thanks for booking with us! Enjoy your fast booking discount 😎

Jane Doe14:46

WOW 😮 Thanks a million 😍

Link the applications you use

Only on Bonday

Add all you need for serving your customers with one click. Do you need more? Use Zapier’s integration platform.

Book a demo

Want to see how the app works in practice? Book a free online demo.

Instant messaging is the future of communication

In today’s world, you have to communicate with your customers in all channels. Among them, IM is number one.

For the Customer

Anyone know a good professional?

A skilled, proven professional is hard to find, and everyone wants one. A referred contact seals the deal, especially since you can guarantee high-quality service from the get-go.

A vet for a 4-year old Mastiff?
Fishbone flooring installer for a 1930s home?
A photographer for an elegant, minimalist wedding?

The inside track

Immediate contact with the service provider, no need to go through inflexible channels.

Build a network

Familiar, proven professionals for any task. Available when you need them.

Use referrals

Through a reliable professional, find other reliable professionals. Find more with referrals by friends.


Refer a professional and claim bonuses for a successful referral.

Provide feedback

Give direct feedback to the business for even better service in the future.

Pick your benefits

Pick and choose the offers you want to receive.

Start your own business!

As a user, you can also provide your own services. Turn your occasional side hustle into a business!

My Data

Manage your data with clear settings. Reliably.

Data privacy

Secure, encrypted documents and messaging.

Get ahead

Want to become #1? Join the waiting list and turn your customer experience into a competitive advantage for your business!